Agenda for Setting up a Luncheon

Meet with Jane on the food you wish her to serve. This group that is meeting with Jane will be the golfers that are doing the luncheon and one of the luncheon committee chairwomen. This meeting should take place at least 2 to 3 weeks before the luncheon.
The ladies in charge of each luncheon is located at this link.

You will post a sign up sheet that has this information on it: …
here is an example ...
Shalimar 9-Hers October Welcome Luncheon
Wednesday, October 31st … Please sign up below …
Menu: 2 quiches: ham & cheese or veggie; broccoli salad; fruit salad; toss salad; rolls, dessert.
Cost: $14.00
Hostesses: Your executive board

Cups and nuts and stuff set out before we eat. $10 limit
June Ray does all the name tags for everyone …
give the receipts to Sue. Dollar store here we come :::

Decorate the tables …
that stuff is in the back room behind the check-in desk under the programs box.
This big box is labeled Shalimar 9-hers. June Ray has some stuff also so ask her.

Nancy Pommerenk, Judy Lee, & Shelley Mardany will sell tickets for the 50-50 money pot
They will use the tickets for the money pot raffle … 6 tickets for $5 or $1 each
The tickets and are in Nancy's box that she brings for the luncheon so you don't have to buy any.

Get prizes for the name tag drawings 5 at $10 each gift certificates … $50 limit … give receipts to Sue Gulley

June Ray and Lynn Berman will collect money and give out name tags with a number on them:

Nancy Pommerenk, Judy Lee, and Shelley Mardany will sell tickets for the money pot.

June and Lynn always do this: ... Remember that all of the luncheon money is turned in and you only take money from that if you brought change for golfers paying for their luncheon and then you reimburse yourself. After you give Sue Gulley the receipts for whatever you bought for the luncheon, she will give you a check from the Shalimar account for items that you purchased.

*** If you would like Nancy to post the sign-up sheet, I will do this for you. I, Nancy have a package of the decorative cardstock paper that have the food pictures on it. I have it saved as a template on my computer with the lines for people to sign up. It is just like the one that I posted for the first luncheon. I will be glad to do this for you if you will just e-mail me or tell me with the information at the top of this agenda. Nancy's e-mail is coachellis@cox.net

Before you purchase anything, always check out the Shalimar 9-hers box in the back room (behind the check-in desk) to see what we might already have … waiting for you to use for the luncheon. Also June Ray has lots of great decorations and I mean lots and lots.

After the luncheon is over, it is your responsibility to make sure everything gets put back in the box that is in the back storage room. That is the box labeled Shalimar 9 hers. This includes the numbers that you put on all the tables.

Thanks for all you do.

Call the Golf Shop, 480-838-0488
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Last Updated: August 3, 2014